Organisations use coaching to promote best practices at all levels, in order to attract and retain their most talented staff.

With 15 years’ experience in the technology industry, my coaching approach combines business principles with human needs psychology. I help people to perform at their best under pressure, remain focused on priorities and committed to corporate goals. Please see my dedicated corporate coaching website:

Coaching supports organisations looking to:

  • develop confident, insightful leadership
  • create a company-wide culture of motivation
  • strengthen client relationships
  • bond teams through collaboration
  • ensure clear and direct communication
  • eliminate time-wasting emails and meetings

Coaching For Managers

Through focused inquiry and deep respect, coaching highlights your strengths and uncovers your blind spots.

With increased emotional intelligence, you discover the art of active listening and successful delegation. By giving yourself time to think, you clarify your priorities, become more self-aware and manage with insight. Coaching can support you to control less and ask your colleagues what they think more. As a result, you inspire your employees to feel confident, self-reliant and responsible.

By modelling clear and effective communication, emails and meetings become more productive, with less time and money wasted on unnecessary activities. Coaching is also a cost effective way of dealing with conflict to bring about sustained constructive change and create an enthusiastic atmosphere in the office where everyone is valued.

Coaching For Employees

Coaching motivates you to identify your strengths, overcome stress and improve communication with colleagues and clients. When demands are high and the inbox is full, you learn how to focus on priorities, contribute with confidence, and respond with sensitivity and skill.

By defining what is working and what is not, we identify goals, explore options, work through obstacles and fine-tune strategy to create the necessary action for change. This process known as the GROW model, has been used successfully in organisations for over thirty years. I also offer NLP, practical skills and cognitive coaching techniques to challenge limiting self-beliefs to help you find a direction aligned with who you truly are.


Developmental coaching programmes are designed in collaboration with stakeholders. The coaching delivers sessions appropriate to each client and ensure that every employee’s contribution makes a difference to the company’s bottom line. Costs vary according to the requirements of the organisation.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss coaching on an individual or company basis.

“Wanderer, there is no path. The path is made by walking.”

Antonio Machado