Supervision & Training

Supervision for counsellors, therapists and coaches

My approach to supervision is encouraging and challenging, whilst embracing a range of orientations. So although my training is integrative, transpersonal with NLP, I work with students and graduates trained in psychodynamic and person-centred schools. 

In a relaxed and reflective environment, I encourage you to talk about your client challenges and successes, help you manage boundaries and gain confidence in your work. We might reflect on parallel processes, transference and counter-transference, work with the bodily sense and use visualisation, meditation, drawing or a sand tray.

By looking at the client relationship through the lens of the supervisory relationship, we can learn more about your clients and how best to serve them.

Coaches and therapists often work in isolation, and therefore supervision is a place where you can openly reflect on your work and learn how to develop a successful practice as part of a professional community.

Courses and Workshops

I facilitate integrative trainings for coaches and therapists looking to learn techniques from each others’ approaches. Workshops are attended by eclectic groups of experienced professionals from executive coaching, business strategy to psychoanalytical and integrative psychotherapy and spiritual practice. 

Here are some testimonials from recent events:

“The workshop was life-changing personally and professionally. Your passion and enthusiasm was contagious and your knowledge incredible. I learned so much, I feel a lot more confident”. MS 

“I took away a reminder of the power of art, imagery and bodywork”. RC 

“A very special workshop, competently and warmly delivered. A wonderful blend of ideas and experiences”. SC 

“I’m taking away a real curiosity and interest in combining coaching in my (therapy) practice”. EH 

If you’re a therapist looking to expand into the corporate world or a coach whose clients require deeper psychological support, my workshops offer eclectic professionals a grounding in integrated psychotherapy and coaching through practical training. 

Practical exercises and demonstrations teach how to:

  • help clients to ‘let go’ of a fixed mindset
  • generate self-belief in clients struggling with self-doubt
  • work therapeutically with dreams
  • access the innate wisdom of the body
  • use objects to represent and heal relationships
  • harness anger and prepare clients for the ‘big avoided conversation’

Looking from both reflective and directive positions, we learn how to journey alongside our clients as they gain insight, confidence, healing, and whatever else they need from us.

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.”

H M Tomlinson