Find harmy, clarity and fulfillment

About You

If you’re reading this, you may
be looking for support. You might
be feeling anxious, depressed,
or trapped in an impossible situation.

Perhaps you feel angry, isolated or unable to meet other people's expectations. You can’t find words to describe your feelings and you’re not sure what to do, or who to turn to.

You are not alone. There is hope.

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About Therapy

Counselling and psychotherapy can help to deal with painful feelings and confusing thoughts.

Therapy works to connect conscious thoughts with unconscious triggers to resolve conflicts, lift spirits and heal pain.

In a safe and confidential environment, difficulties are gently explored until a resolution is found.

How I Work

About Coaching

Organisations use coaching to promote best practice in leadership, and to retain their most talented staff.

Coaching highlights your strengths and targets your blind spots.

By defining what is working and what is not, we identify goals, explore options, overcome obstacles and fine-tune strategy to create the necessary action for change.

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“He who lives in harmony with himself
lives in harmony with the world.”

Marcus Aurelius